Writing without publishing

It's not hard to understand why writing without publishing is good for you. It allows you to collect your thoughts and ideas. Most people are so quick and ready to "get it all out now". I believe this is because the tools that everyone uses today push for that. It's all about engagement. Well, I'm hoping the times are changing and the format for that will change too.

Writing over a longer period of time allows you to think things through completely instead of rushing to put your ideas out to everyone else too quickly.

Lately, I've been focusing on that. How do I slow down and put out the right ideas? Not just the quick ones.

I recently completed a new type of publishing platform. I've been designing the system for many years and it's at the point where it is useful and complete. Many of the problems are now sorted out, from a previous day.

It will be good to start pushing out some of my thoughts again. My real thoughts. The thoughts that I've had for a long time. Of course, I will also begin to publish new photo collections too. There are a lot of photos to show everyone.

I plan on linking to all of the hidden content on my site soon too. There are thousands of pages. A lot has changed since I last published anything here, but I'll be doing a bunch more soon. In the end, it comes down to writing without publishing. Doing this long enough to have a stockpile of decent thoughts to share. Then, when the time is right - to release them all.

Looking forward to it - Ryan