About Me

Graphic: Unlocking the Eye

Ryan McKenna is a computer programmer and entrepreneur that grew up in Lower Merion, PA. Most of his adult life has been spent learning about human-to-machine software interfaces and curbing the damages caused by mass media. As personal projects, he has studied how color theory applies to digital photography and post processing software. He is the CEO of New Entity Operations Inc. and has developed various technologies that aim to provide general purpose software products to the public. All of the software he works on builds trust in human-to-machine interactions by providing open standard software frameworks such as EntityScript™ and NewEntity.io.

All of the work so far was done without the influence of outside parties to keep the projects as independent as possible. This independent and nonpartisan work was done to offer the general public various alternative ways of using public systems, such as The Internet. The work has enabled improvements in security and transparency for end users that don't rely on centralized software infrastrucure providers to generate an online blueprint. Most of this work reduces the dependence on multi-national software organizations by design and provides a complete range of alternative tools for both beginners and the most advanced system operators.

You can learn more about who he is by reading his Personal Statement