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Writing without publishing

It's not hard to understand why writing without publishing is good for you. It allows you to collect your thoughts and ideas. Most people...

2023/03/30 | Post, Blog, Content | Read Now

Merged with the MachinePost Locked

# Shell: v2 -> 2023/03/04

We are being slowly merged with the machine.

Like many of you, I started to...

2023/03/04 | Writing, Machine, Thoughts, Future | Read Now

Software CyclesPost Locked

v2: ~ $ core_add

Software is best developed in cycles.

Each cycle should have a different objective and the main...

2023/03/03 | Software, Cycles, Development, Building | Read Now

Enemy LogicPost Locked

v2: ~ $ core_add

It takes a lot to become my enemy.

I don't always consider someone an enemy for hurting me in the...

2022/10/01 | Logic, Tactics, Enemy, Abe | Read Now

A muted RiddlePost Locked

v2: ~ $ core_add

A muted riddle:

I exist, but few have seen me in over 10 years.

I sustained various...

2020/05/24 | Riddle, Muted, Logic | Read Now

A Call from the FuturePost Locked

v2: ~ $ core_add

Welcome to the future.

It's just you here now.

No one has been by to check in on things for a...

2013/10/14 | Future, Call, Thoughts | Read Now

API on CORE.HOSTPost Locked

I setup the API for CORE.HOST™ to allow for cross-site requests on the fly and will allow people to generate content there to feed...

2023/03/04 | COREHOST, API, Blog | Read Now

2024 Job Market ObservationsPost Locked

Products are converging. Categories like search, interfaces, and AI are wide open, but the required capital and talent to compete are...

2024/02/02 | Job Market, 2024, Product | Read Now

The rise of bot spam in 2024Post Locked

I told someone in a candid way... You must be on some “list”. That was the truth. It was worth noting (just was on a call with Nvidia...

2024/02/02 | Malware, Threat Actor, Cybersecurity | Read Now

The origin of viral marketingPost Locked

The history of going viral in the United States goes back to Thomas Paine. On January 10, 1776 he published Common Sense anonymously....

2024/02/03 | Viral Marketing, Blog, Post, Origin, Revolution | Read Now

Fighting Through Bad LeadershipPost Locked

You'll have to fight through a lot of unfair misinformation about yourself if you're doing something different and looking to defy any...

2024/02/02 | 2024, Bad Leadership, Leadership, Winning | Read Now

Poor Leadership ChoicesPost Locked

Why would anyone join YC in 2024? I feel like it’s 10 years past the prime of their relevance. To me, being a part of it seems like a...

2024/02/02 | Leadership, YC, Y Combinator | Read Now

Cyber DefenselessPost Locked

My assessment of the cyber defense capabilities of corporate America is that 99% of businesses are vulnerable to a sophisticated attack....

2024/02/01 | Cyber Defense, Defense, Security | Read Now

Step in and Help OutPost Locked

If you’re going to complain about the younger generations not knowing how to do something and then also refuse to help them learn how to...

2024/01/31 | Leadership, Teaching, Coaching | Read Now

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