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Much of 2011 I spent recovering from a bad concussion. I had constant vertigo and lost some ability to hear well for a while. Also, I had one of the worst headaches that hit me like bricks at random moments. There were days that I thought I was going to die. It probably would've been not as bad, but it was my second one in 3 years and it was hard to shake it off.

Luckily, towards the end of the year my hearing got better but I had lost a lot of weight by then because of how bad it effected my sleeping and appetite. Those functions returned to normal over time, but it took a while, even into 2012.

This was a weird period of time. I spent a lot of that year alone. During that alone time I taught myself to program better because it didn't take a lot of energy. I was in bad shape really, some of the worst of my life. But I started to recover by the end of the year and then with a slow consistent drag into 2012.

It was around this time that I started studying classics, different cultures, world religions, and more. I would read as much as I could to try to take my mind off certain issues and get myself back to better thinking. I figured out how to code new types of digital images randomly because of something I discovered while studying painting. Funny how things work, but the gains weren't without some losses. There were times then when I felt like it was over then. Some days I can't even think about this year without feeling overwhelmed by sadness. Without getting into it more, it was the summary of many years of loss back to back. A tough time.

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