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The world is strange. In 2012 when I got my feet under me again, I started observing everything from a less judgemental framing. Including myself. I was still having some issues with vertigo and continued to have them off and on for a few years longer. Since I was usually very fast moving and active, this made me slow down a good amount. It changed my perspective.

I started noticing how bad some kids in the world had it. Also, how fortunate I was to have been able to grow up with a supportive family. So many people that I saw out there in the world didn't have a chance because they didn't have the right support structure in place.

When I looked at the world from a more detached perspective and asked questions about how to solve these problems that I was noticing, I came to the conclusion that to have the answers, I would have to spend more time on the issues. Research them more, writing about them, and plan.

I did that - I started planning. I kept a detailed set of journals from this time that I luckily still have archived versions of. I don't have the actual journals, but I do have the summarized notes. There was a lot of good stuff going on in my mind at that time. Better thinking than before that moment. I'm not sure what spurred it all, but it was probably a lot of pain over the years.

One thing that I wrote about a lot was how little progress we were making with helping our youths grow into prospering adults. From there, a lot of my ideas branched into thinking about new systems and ways of improving the transition into adulthood. It's still something that I think of often.

I didn't take many pictures this year. I spent most of my time learning about Ruby, PHP, and C. I had an entry level knowledge of each language, but I took a much deeper dive. I did take some photos too. For some reason, I can't find many of them, only 20. I know I took many more than that. My theory is that the photos from this year are lost somehow because this was before I understood archiving like I do now.

The photos I took in 2012 were all about traveling around with a smartphone camera and playing around with how it worked in various situations. This was something that was sort of new still then. Observing how weird the world could be was amplified 10x by that thing. The picture quality was pretty bad, but the images I have left are thumbnails for some reason so I can't really tell if they're worth putting here or not. I probably deleted the actual photos and kept the thumbnails. Sigh... it happens to everyone I'm sure.

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