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And one day around 2019 I crossed over for good. I evolved from being an apprentice into something new. I became me. Not the me that others knew before, but the me people will know forever.

When you start out learning something new, you're aware that one day you'll be an expert at that thing if you stick with it. Photography, Programming, Business. I stuck with all of those things. There were other things in life that I could've stuck with that I didn't. But that's life - those things were not me, just a part of my story.

With anything that you stick with, the crossing looks like a waterfall. The waterfall isn't too big and also not too small either. It's just right. It's not clean, but it could certaintly be much more dirty. It's a waterfall that's close to home. Dangerous, but something that can be overcome with a small vessel.

You build the vessel with your efforts, time, and proficiency.

Prepare for the journey and be in a good position to float on through to the other side.

Good luck my friend, and thank you for viewing "Ryan McKenna Apprentice Collection".

The next collection is called "The Stories of our Youth", and the first picture of it is now live!

New Collection Coming Soon: "The Stories of our Youth"

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