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You're an apprentice until you can travel long distances with the burdens that you carry. You're crossing over, or getting ready to once you're doing what's required instead of asking yourself how to avoid those situations. For me, I made some bold moves and took chances. That's what was required then. In life, you have to learn how to travel great distances with equipment and gear. You have to carry what you can and take what's required only. Everything else must be left behind. This is the way to survival, even if it takes you a few steps forward and a few steps back. There is pain. There are tears. It's the only way to understand the best way to continue moving forward. Your progress is of the utmost importance and when it stops - you lose the only game that matters: Your dreams.

Embrace the path and what nature has in store for you. Keep your eyes open and observe what you can. Contribute where you can.

Let the wind hit your face as your take the road only able to be traveled by you.

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