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New Entity Operations™ github Profile

All of our repositories are available upon request when a designated license requires it.

Most PHP, PYTHON, and RUBY libs have been deprecated during 2018.

We'll be sharing our standards proposals through Github in 2019 along with the proposed IPDVS™ framework.

All of the code we're working on now is either Python 3.7+ or C.

Github was used for staging for a few years and "time-stamping" but it never became central to our software strategy.

Staging is now done through vanillia git. 2017 plans limited social-code staging/sharing. This is to help the build-out stay focused on the foundation first and foremost.

The foundation of a project should be solid before it's shared. There is a required amount of time and resources that's needed to make something meaningful "stick" on github. If it's not for fun there the stakes are high because you're interacting with anyone and everyone. A lot can go wrong in that setting. The upside to code stored on github is that it'll remain distributed to a wide variety of people. Other distribution channels often have trouble attracting an audience or seem less safe to use. You could get in a bind for putting too much code into public repos too soon so we'll only release projects that have depth to them from here on out.

Look for more starting in March 2019

New Entity Operations™ Github Profile

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